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Don't go to the Imperial Palace![] under 19 days

Yang Xiaotu then life lost hope ,my heart is full of emptiness and loneliness ,and later joined the church, the church is an expert ,the level of high ,the priest sees Yang Xiaotu and to tell her ,but the lake has been haunted ,perhaps Yang Xiaotu boyfriend is let the devil away .
Later the priest they had great strength ,captures a devil ,but during the conflict, Yang Xiaotu died in the flames, the devil was captured, the priest was in no hurry to kill it ,but is kept in the dungeon ,Yang Xiaotu was responsible for the devil to deliver meals ,one day the devil told Yang bunny ,as long as they go to the lake to find a heron ,egret feathers in the holy water ,pour in the body, will be able to see her boyfriend .
Yang Xiaotu did so ,but became egret ,is the other demons away ,demons road to tell her ,but the devil with egret sacrifice ,Yang Xiaotu was taken to a nearby cave ,the demons to kill her, Lord suddenly grow howl ,took Yang Xiaotu ,and said: do you want to deceive .
Yang Xiaotu then became man ,Lord said: have a prophecy magic ,if the sacrifice ,a egret can change into the woman ,and the woman who is a believer in God, then I want to marry her ,that she gave birth to my child ,the child will be able to kill god .
Of course, not from Yang Xiaotu ,Prince of the devils do not insist, a few days later ,Yang Xiaotu asked the devil ever seen her boyfriend , said no ,Yang Xiaotu said :if I meet my boyfriend ,I would marry you consider .
The devil thought, takes her into the deep cave ,inside a cell ,cell bound with her boyfriend ,Louboutin Pas Cher,Louboutin Pas Cher,this guy was already show the prototype .From the appearance ,handsome young man seems to be an angel ,Yang Xiaotu asked Lord put angel ,the devil strongly disagreed ,she was helpless, in order to keep angel ,was married to Lord ,two people live a passionate life .
This spot ,the demon looks extremely ugly ,rough appearance ,and he has to fight .But later we found ,Yang Xiaotu infertility ,Lord now also do not know how to think ,put Yang Xiaotu back to earth, Yang Xiaotu returned to the church ,and began to pray ,pray for three days and nights,Louboutin Pas Cher, bu not into ,a study with the faithful to care for her, asked her what happened ,louboutin pas cher,Yang Xiaotu was already hungry confused, put everything in her story told parishioners ,in the process ,horrible thing happened .
Yang rabbit long out of a pair of goat and the foot is turned into the goat hoof ,church the man on duty are terrified, big guy Yang Xiaotu would betray church masses ,although the guy doesn to hurt her ,but for her attitude particularly cold ,at the same time ,a self that is Gabriel bird appeared the .
Gabriel Yang Xiaotu in back to the den ,he followed Yang Xiaotu ,to kill devil ,Yang Xiaotu certainly agree ,pretending with Beelzebub and ,just before she and Lord when I drink ,suddenly there little devils ,to quote ,Gabriel the handsome Angel rescued ,when Yang Bunny just know, that handsome angel is Michael .
Turn the day ,louboutin pas cher,den was a glacial fire surrounded, thousands of angels and Demons drop from the clouds ,and together ,Yang Xiaotu now has no courage to live ,so she looks weird ,and she felt ,boyfriend cheating on her ,the devil lied to her ,even Gabriel was lying to her, everyone looked down on her ,rather than dead ,so she did not find an obscure hide ,stand in a prominent place ,have a death wish .
The nature is dead ,before long ,there is an arrow toward her face shot the arrow clip wind ,fire ,shooting people is his boyfriend Michael ,this is not the arrow at Yang Xiaotu ,but she did have a death wish ,Louboutin,wish is :if I die in his hands ,it also granted .
Michael fired his arrow ,the arrow is to see Yang Xiaotu ,hurried to rescue ,but it was too late ,in be in grave occasion, the devil has blocked this arrow .Although Yang Xiaotu is being saved ,the devil was this arrow dispersed spirit ,Michael was rushed to the LORD before him ,his sword ,the devil into hurt .
Michael said to Yang Xiaotu :now you appearance although the devil inside ,can keep the faith ,God will help you ,but I see you to the devil with gratitude ,this is absolutely not exist, now you want to kill him ,with their hearts .
Yang Xiaotu personality ,she felt that the devil is bad ,but also cannot say is very bad ,so just saved her, as for Michael ,she thought Michael was previously hidden identity and her together ,seem to have other aims ,but also not good man ,she is hesitant ,Louboutin,Michael put his sword into her on the hand ,and said: well ,it seems you faith is shaken ,forget ,today it .
With the angels to the sky ,leaving Yang Xiaotu froze to the spot .The angels had killed off the demons ,leaving only the devil a ,after they were gone ,Louboutin,the devil laugh .He said to Yang Xiaotu :the fool fell into the trap .
The original of the devil ,and not the Lord of hell ,only the Lord of hell of a brother ,this pitch camp ,is simply to deceive the heaven ,deliberately show it ,Louboutin Shoes,then Lord invites Yang Xiaotu to hell to go ,it was rejected by Yang Xiaotu .
Yang Xiaotu was only to find everyone have what to say to her the truth ,his heart a gas to vent ,vent ,but not, could not help but let out a loud roar .She had a mouth ,wake up, it truns out to see, is all a dream ,she again four .
We find several ,but found that the living room was empty, only next to the bedroom ,there is a very slight sound of dripping water and outgoing .&#160 ;&#160 ;&#160 ;&#160 ;Qinghai Xinhua news agency, Yushu in June 6 report( reporter Wang Min ,Lv Xueli ) Qinghai Yushu post-disaster reconstruction projects ,currently the world 330000volt power transmission projectof Yushu power system and national grid -- the Qinghai power grid interconnection project officially started construction in 6 days.
The completion of the project will fundamentally solve the Yushu problem ,to accelerating Yushu region economic and social development ,protect the ecological environment of the source of Sanjiang ,enhancing national unity ,has very important significance .
&#160 ;&#160 ;&#160 ;&#160 ;Yushu power grid and Qinghai power grid 330000 voltinterconnection project involving more than 800 kilometersof transmission lines and substations ,more than along the switching station ,a total investment of 2469000000 yuan.
The engineering construction of high elevation ,geology ,complex terrain conditions ,construction difficulty is great .Maduo switch station which is 4260 meters above sea level ,330000 volt linefor the first time at an altitude of 4000 - 4950metersacross .
The transmission distance is long, by the end of weak frames ,voltage and frequency stability problems ,need for air insulation and system stability are checked and monographic study .&#160 ;&#160 ;&#160 ;&#160 ;the project construction period is short ,the climate condition is abominable ,Louboutin Shoes,from May to October every year for the effective construction period .
In addition ,this project is in the Sanjiang National Nature Reserve ,traversing along source of the Yellow River star sea core area ,the Yangtze River headwaters of Tongtian River Basin ,river source ecological protection ,high work demands .
&#160 ;&#160 ;&#160 ;&#160 ;according to the Yushu interconnection project characteristic ,the China State Grid Corp launched a Permafrost Distribution and characteristic research ,330000 volthigh altitude air gap and external insulation research ,Yushu interconnection system stability control research ,environmental protection and management and other aspects of the study ,work out scientific feasibility scheme .
&#160 ;&#160 ;&#160 ;&#160 ;previously, the State Grid and Qinghai provincial government jointly established the Yushu and Qinghai power grid interconnection project construction leading group to coordinate ,in 2011 December started theproject design ,organization to carry out the environmental impact assessment ,soil and water conservation plan ,risk assessment of geological disaster and other special report preparation .
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India Committee of planning is decorated luxurious toilet 60 off

India healthinfrastructure is backward ,in many slum areas and remote areas ,because of lack of water and the hardware facilities are not in place ,many India family individual housing without toilet ,can only rely on the toilet problem solving .
However ,according to the India times 5 days to report,India planning commission cost tens of thousands of dollars to decorate office building two toilets ,Louboutin,which caused the opposition and media collective .
In northern rural Mumbai ,a toilet was built on the river ,and the river little children are playing . Special for toilet airport standards India Planning Commission (hereinafter referred to as the Committee of planning ) is the India economic policy planning agencies ,by Prime Minister Singer as president ,responsible for the development of India five year plan and the main economic policy .
Recently, the mechanism for toilets are pushed in the teeth of the storm .According to the India times reported recently ,committee of planning to spend 3500000 rupees($63000 ),in accordance with the standards ,in the New Delhi headquarters office building decoration two toilets ,for official use .
The news in India social cause tremendous echo, the opposition and civil organizations have bombarded the Committee of planning behavior .A civil rights activist requirements planning based on public information law published luxury toilets spending .
Planning statement 6 days ,admit to toilet installation control system ,to the 60 very senior figure distributed intelligent electronic card ;in the vicinity of the corridor installation of closed circuit television monitoring camera ,used for guarding against theft .
But the Planning Commission denied the ,says decorate toilet is routine maintenance and renovation ,not just two bathroom renovation .The decoration of the capital is used to renovate 20 toilets,each can be simultaneously used for 10 persons .
The statement also said ,toilet aging ,damage ,damage the planning image ,this ( the toilet decorates ) Yes ,old pipes and the drainage system has been damaged, not only is the minister and foreign dignitaries ,committee of planning staff and visiting reporters also often complain about ( the toilet is too broken) ,so we just want to improve the toilet equipment ,to maintain a good image of the building .
According to the India times reported ,the gauge member of said ,that two toilet is put into use, the same floor work planning commission staff protest discrimination ,therefore ,Planning Commission had to disable access control system .
This is the government ? Luxury toilets exposure ,when the Singer government advocated austerity of .The two formed sharp contrast .India people spokesman Hossain 6, shelling of committee of planning practice .
He says ,the government is appealing to cut spending ,committee of planning is to spend 3500000 rupees two bathroom renovation .He rebuked the Committee of planning filled with a pile of textbooks have seen only in poor people .
Hossain said :in a farmer because of debt and Dutch act States ,shall stop such extravagant spending .The first quarter of this year ,India growth slowed to 5.3% ,reached the lowest point in 9 years ,Singer called on departments to cut costs .
The people is the price increases ,rising fuel prices, and the corruption and other hot topics Singer held the responsibility of the government .The people officials by Kat quipped ,Prime Minister Singer and Treasury Secretary Mu Keji repeatedly said, we are going through a very difficult period ,we need to intensify efforts ,we need to pay attention to save government money ,however ,responsible for the supervision and other departmental expenses of India Planning Commission had wantonly extravagance and waste .
Kat said next ,Singer government slogan and action between distance is India ocean so wide . The India times comment ,the government can not ignore the luxury toilets absurd, if the government advocates to tighten their belts ,the top must set an example ( power ) .
This extravagance and waste behavior that the government lost its meaning .600000000 oldpeople need more new toilet according to India times reported ,this is not the first time cause slobber warfare committee .
In March this year, committee of planning update poverty definition standard ,called the city residents of the daily income of more than 32 rupees( $0.58) ,rural residents of the daily income of more than 28 rupees( $0.
51) ,Louboutin Pas Cher,is not poverty .This standard has sparked controversy .The criticism did not understand the actual situation of committee of planning ,because so little money ,is living below the poverty level .
And the luxury toilets exposure to committee of planning resulted in more slobber .Folk groups say ,toilet decorates the really important ,but not to the Committee of decoration ,but to the public ,because in India ,louboutin,about 600000000 people lack access to basic sanitation .
India environmental health experts said Pathak ,$63000 to build7,each for 10 people at the same time using the toilet ,but Planning Commission has used the money to decorate luxury toilets .
If in a country, the money is more useful .Pathak said ,in the countryside, build a most simple toilet just 18000 rupees($327 ).According to the India 2011 census datashows ,59% of theIndia family own a mobile phone ,only 47% families have bathrooms ,including no tap water pit latrines ,and more than half of the India families do not have toilet .
The largest city in the west coast of the India Mumbai ,almost half of the population lives in slums .Where the living conditions of extremely poor ,many people are crowded together in life ,even the toilet has become a daily had to face a big problem .
According to the official statistics ,the slums of Mumbai ,everyone is in the toilet is convenient ,average every 81 people sharing a toilet .In some places due to the poor population increase sharply ,even every 273 individualssharing a toilet .
The best conditions for local but also in every 58 individuals sharing a toilet .( Xinhua News Agency comprehensive reports ) this.p={ m:2 ,b:2 ,id: ,blogTitle: drug than control poison ,blogAbstract: China anti-drug teams ,the birth of Yunnan 30 years ago.
Seized drugs two hundred tons ,achievement of course be sure .However more to look at the cost of sacrificing Sanbailiushiduo :injuries ,up to 40.Opportunity cost calculation, if put into half .
Additional police and less manpower ,casualties are a lot less .Criminal case is broken many ,even some drug leakage .The results can also how ,have a look of Europe on drugs .Not flood and the beast ,rather than killed robbery to steal .
,blogTag: ,blogUrl: ,isPublished:1 ,istop:false ,type:0 ,modifyTime:0 ,publishTime:1339155039726 ,Louboutin Pas Cher,permalink: ,commentCount:1 ,mainCommentCount:1 ,recommendCount:0 ,bsrk:-100 ,publisherId:0 ,recomBlogHome:true , ,vote:{} ,groupInfo:{} ,friendstatus: ,followstatus: ,pubSucc: ,visitorProvince: visitorCity: ,Fujian ,postAddInfo:{} ,mset: ,mcon: ,srk:-100 ,remindgoodnightblog:false ,louboutin pas cher,isBlackVisitor:false ,isShowYodaoAd:false ,hostIntro: ,hmcon: ,lofter_single: } {list a as x} {if !{/if} !X} {/list} {if !{/if} !A} {list a as x} {if !{/if} !X} {/list} recommended this log : {if !B&&b.
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The 131st chapter the first battle on 1 stacks reading Netea

Northwest ,Ma Lan closed the camp while the winter is past ,but Ma Lan closed the area still so cold .In Ma Lan closed the city below, full of the numerous Orc soldiers ,while in the city ,the human soldiers are armed and on the alert .
Ma Lan filled the air in the chill of the air ,the sky seems to have become gloomy .The northwest army many army appeared in the city ,but this time is different, more Chen Jian, and his dark legion .
Chen Jian cold-shouldered saccades following orc ,Louboutin,follow the first Orc battle with dark Legion Infantry Battalion soldiers the tense mood ,Louboutin Pas Cher,his eyes open ,without any tension or anxiety .
These days, this battle in almost every day on top ,the blood is not dry ,the new battle has come .Ma Lan closed the city has hands several times ,finally control in human hands .Chen Jian with three thousand cavalry was defeated ten thousand orcs Riding Wolf thing has spread ,the northwest army all know this can create the miracle man ,because of his war ,Northwestern Army soldiers ,for no reason a bit more confidence .
Toot familiar and desolate horn resounded through the sky ,the orc army began to appear slight commotion .Horn sound is the orc army offensive ,then ,Louboutin Shoes,the orcs to move . Kill a formidable battle cry came screaming ,louboutin,orcs ,howling, holding the crude weapons ,such as the flood rushed the Ma Lan off .
The earth shook in Britain ,the air seemed to pause, as if also filled with a strong smell of blood .Look at the city hordes of orcs, even battle-hardened Chen Jian also banned gasped ,heart also slightly shook up .
In this move with one hundred thousand or more units of the army ,the strength of an individual is seem so small . ,shoot your arrows to shoot their Northwest army officer shouted ,under his command, the archers shot human waves of arrows .
A rain of arrows ,human and orc soldier might not weak ,louboutin pas cher,many howl in arrow down .But the arrow rain stop the tide ,in nearly 10 thousand Orc soldier risked his arrows charge ,a moment ,a large number of the soldiers have approached Ma Lan off the wall .
At this time, hundreds of aircraft siege ladder suddenly from the orc army up high ,rows across Ma Lan off the wall above the .Like drill like crazy orcs ,like ants from the siege ladders to Ma Lan off the walls to climb .
Then ,the orcs of troll Hunter also began in earnest ,they took a long spear ,continuously to the city cast up, huge javelin with great force ,give the mankind on the archer brought great casualties .
Orc soldiers howled in the troll hunter ,under cover ,mad to down .An orc soldiers first climbed up the first ,from the back drew his weapon ,a split to the stunned human soldiers, the poor human soldiers could scream ,half his head had parted ,brains splashing everywhere .
Led by the orc gently jump ,jump to the wall above the steel axes ,dancing ,several human soldiers were he instantly cut down .Ma Lan closed the city head defenses had been orcs ripping a hole ,with this widening ,massive Orc soldiers along the cut up .
The wall above began to appear more and more orcs ,orcs occupying the entire Ma Lan Guan City head .Kersh Kopf face was calm as water ,on the city wall fell and did not let him have a be confound at .
Attack g what Cove from the mouth seam jumped out a word . Kill the dirty Orc an army cried loudly .Like received orders like, always in the back of the northwest army forces moved in the northwest army ,several class a corps under the command of the army ,human soldiers to just occupy the city but still shaky warriors attacked the past .
We have to attack the matrix solid deep voice said to Gady . Is Qadri gently waved . The dark army gun battalion ,sword and shield battalion combat readiness PIP shouts . Camp out with dark Legion infantry battalions in four with heavy armour ,holding a two meter long pike ,face heavy water, heard the order ,neat step forward .
Array of guns are guns Diablo four infantry battalions in the hands of pike Qi Shuashua up down ,forming a dense gun wall ,like a hedgehog ,silver spear tips ,in the sun was not a reflection .
This is the dark Legion infantry rifle battalion ,Fourth Battalion ,their pike is Chen Jian special ,than the average human soldiers with rifles and more than 30 maleenergy saving lamp and compact fluorescent lamps, because of its high efficiency and is considered the traditional incandescent lamp replacement .
Energy saving lamp incandescent lamp luminous efficiency is 5 timesthan ordinary incandescent lamp ,60% to80%,the service life more than 4 times to 6 times.Promotion of energy-saving lamp can be effective energy-saving ,reduce carbon dioxide emissions .
But energy saving lamps containing mercury ,mercury exposure ,once the lamp is broken ,the environmental and human hazards .The national hazardous waste list has the energy-saving lamp recycling incorporated therein .
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Early discovery 160th useless Netease exploration chapter twenty

Was too nervous toearly childhood education not only can not achieve the expected goal ,but also hinder children other skills development .On the other hand ,because the infant brain functional maturation is a certain stage, from perceptual to rational knowledge need to gradually develop ,be inopportune or inappropriate education content can disperse the energy resulting in normal infants ,arrested development ,formation of cognitive impairment ,or even damage the health .
Shanghai city women the 2005survey,Shanghai City elementary and middle school students psychological obstacle occurrence rate has reached 21% ~ 32%.Update on the epidemiology ,children ,behavioral problems including depression ,anxiety ,the incidence is as high as 10% to 30% .
The psychological problems of children is one of the primary sources of learning pressure and social disorder ,both with too much time for learning about ( by the author in April 5th -10 day to travel to Italy ,the liquor store network is temporarily not sure whether good, even more so today, chapter four ,cash more commitment ,readers can be assured of collection ,still various demand ,and collection ,and recommended ,Louboutin Pas Cher,and reward ,in foreign countries I will update ,thank you again for supporting LeeHenry !!) Zhang Chi Mu Zili did not speak, gently asked ,Dad ,what happened? Think about it ,I just talk to you do you hear ?Mu Zili heard the relaxation is calling him ,slowly return to God ,not what to think, is to listen to you just finish these ,I think it over ,it seems that the case is not simple as we think ,the water is too deep, at first I thought it was just an ordinary commercial murder ,did not expect so many people involved ,but also relates to human identity is so special ,I was thinking we next the way .
.. ... He Zili paused ,solemnly at relaxation said ,do you think we were now the power to put the case ended ? What he special identity !Relaxation be filled with righteous indignation ,everyone is equal before the law ,regardless of whether the water much ,since we have promised others ,no matter what difficulties will continue to walk ,is because he is senior government officials and stop it ?!I don think, I intend to go on ,or I this stick white by !Mu Zili is the words he laughed , search case is the power to this club ,I thought you said some of the more profound philosophical reason ,it really let me down .
Mouth to say so, but he Zili listen to relaxation can say so ,was particularly pleased that ,regardless of whether he is young and frivolous or Chushengniudu not afraid of tigers ,too, at least at the heart of his conscience and justice is not as powerful and disappear, not because the other side of his hands and back, the mentality is very rare .
daddy support you !He Zili said ,no matter what, we all want to go ,he is deep as sea ,roaring waves ,we boys would accompany them to play with it for ever ... ... !To go ,to give you red hair that bottle of wine with seafood out ,our boys made him .
He Zili good mood .To hear Mu Zili say, carry over relaxation wine ,put it on the table ,I just search the Internet ,this wine and seafood are authentic ,this bottle of wine will be more than ten thousand pieces ,oh ,the red hair and TMD lost .
Relaxation said as he opened the box ,our father and son to drink it more than ten thousand dollars .Is it right? A bit wasted? Zhang Chi was a bit reluctant . boys drink is waste ,other boys drink do not waste ?Mu Zili asked ,well, who have not drink ah ,louboutin,how much money he ,today we have the luxury of a back ,taste the tens of thousands of wine what taste .
Zhang Chi opened the wine ,and then follow the instructions to the kitchen inside its own first drink ,his son are one picked up another box of the bottle of medicine ,the rich wine culture ?,Louboutin Pas Cher!He Zili watching the news ,Alas ,this bottle of wine is rich ,do not know killed how many person ah ,since the rich want to Ankang ,what satisfy both sides of things ,you can hold concurrently ,which tries to swallow an elephant ,is greedy to blame .
.. ... Mu Zili opened the bottle ,a particle placed in the hands of looking up ,while the second two Bing acid ammonium excessive inhalation of death, but after they made many drug safety ,estimated that the pill is mixed with other ingredients ,inhibiting its volatile ,specification writing alone eat the rich wine Kang will have the beauty of colour ,but within three days of prohibited alcohol consumption ,the consequences ,looks like the medicament to be prepared in the market for sale .
Then Zhang Chibian took the hot good wine ,made from peanuts ,you also say, this wine is wine ,it smells sweet ... ... Zhang Chi put the dishes on the table ,edge to edge ,mu Zili pourer .
He Zili wine glasses ,said ,come, this is our a celebration drink ,hope our boys make persistent efforts ,strive to put the case to get to the bottom of it ,boys ,dry !Mu Zili back to .
Zhang Chi mood was also mu Zili mobilized, come, cheers ,for justice ,for life ,for life ,cheers !Two people drink and talk ,but talked topic with the present case at all, it is your own mind a little rest ,recently two people mind all day on this case ,little a little of his own thinking space ,now this minutes to them ,it is a kind of luxury and enjoy .
In addition ,he Zili know human nerve affected by alcohol stimulation of brain after judgment will be greatly affected ,this time about this case is undoubtedly give themselves up ,Ningquewulan ,this time two people still enjoy the food and wine .
Zhang Chi when mother came back, boys are back to his bedroom to sleep ,the wine is good ,but after the trial of strength particularly large ,two people after a few drinks was a bit dizzy ,boys lying in bed asleep soon .
Zhang Chi mother looked at her sleeping with them, but smiled and shook his head ,then put the two of them one ready ,and lay down to sleep .At this moment, the whole house is quiet, occasionally heard Mu Zili sleeping snoring ,the living room has a delicate taste of alcohol, a family of three are immersed in a rare happiness of ordinary people .
.. ... The very next day is Saturday ,he Zili no classes ,relaxation and mu Zili got up before dawn ,Mu Zili on his lover lied to relaxation to climb the small Zhushan ,want to just can come back in the evening ,but in fact they are continuing to investigate the case .
To hear Mu Zili say ,his wife have a drowsy look muttering ,usually work is really busy ,do not have a good rest at the weekend ,what kind of mountain climbing ah ,really do not understand your man .
.. ... Then, she again entered the dreamland .He Zili shut your bedroom door ,quietly came to the relaxation room ,while the morning clear-headed ,two people want to earlier investigations before a summary ,Louboutin,by the way make today work plan .
Two people in the relaxation room quietly discuss are still on paper ,paint ,inside the room smoke-filled, imperceptibly ,the day was dawning ,Louboutin,two hours passed quietly ,mu Zili stubbed out his cigarette ,took a deep breath ,look in cases of eyebrow eye is more and more clear .
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In 12, dirty Wu Fang stacks reading Netease seventy-second chapt

In 12 ,dirty Wu Fang I did not in order to earn wages ,and work hard ,is money ,a month but entertainment three five .Money is good stuff ,I needed it very much ,but I not stupid enough to the money to go to sell blood work .
The woman is in need of maintenance ,especially do we do this ,basically is the night ,sleep and rest are not adequately protected, if the wanton waste of youth ,will old very quickly ,a few years later ,must be worn badly ,the loss of the sale, I don .
When going to work, I prefer to do less than some ,too tired ,as do chest push ,the attendant can only income ten yuan ,tired ,I will not cut corners ,labour and rewards are disproportionately ,as well as a quickie ,sleight of hand ,income is also good .
Skin exercise more and more thick ,in under the watchful eyes of the people off your clothes ,I can breath easy and talk straight .Should I pretend pure ,I would ,but I don wear a mask .
Perhaps someone will say that I am not love you, but you have not thought about ?If set ,if life security, why should I work out ?Why do obedient massage girls ?It is talking !I don need cheap sympathy ,need understanding and respect !We get every penny, will be not easily won ,with our sweat and youth .
Do not take away by force or trickery ,not all kinds of subsidies ,with our work to eat, what can not ?Our knowledge is low, difficult to look for a job ,if a small nanny or dishwasher ,a mere 600 yuan of salary,how enough ?Not to mention the subsidies for home !Outside what had money, housing ,food, utilities, a month sanitary napkins have several blocks which !The general also want to buy several pieces of clothes to wash ?There are mixed daily expenses ,if a disease ,that would be much worse ,a cold a little ,go to the hospital will be dozens of ?Who gave us the reimbursement? Working easily ?When the massage girl easily ?Don well-fed don the starving suffer ,light station with sarcastic .
I complaining ,I hope you can understand our difficulties ,we also have brothers and sisters ,who did not want to give up all confidence in oneself ,when massage girl just feel helpless under a matter of expediency ,I earn money, I will wash one ,as my girl to go home !Night ,Fang to leave for a week ,she secretly told me ,her grow a small lump, a little itch .
In the bathroom ,she pulled down the pants I see ,I see a lot of the red and white knot in the mind .This long in the face of acne ,long in the lower part of the body is what ?A Fang told me ,she recently outside doing more fierce, may be infected with what disease? Be a venereal disease or AIDS ?I comfort she said: this is definitely the indisposition ,tomorrow to go to the hospital to check to know .
Since I did a masseuse ,and on the outside and guests after a relationship ,I own health very seriously, in the bookstore and bought many aspects of medical care of books ,Fang case ,seems to be called condyloma acuminatum .
After the hospital diagnosis ,it is a wet sharp wart ,I said to A Fang :you leave for several days ,more rest ,the body such as well come back to work .Although Fang infection only minor defects ,no major problems, but also give me a wake-up call .
This month I will clean ,have the guest to contact me, to physical discomfort declined .Time is the late autumn ,I come to Nanxun town for four months ,hand to save nearly twenty thousand yuan .
If only salary ,of course, not so much ,the main income ,or on the outside of the entertainment .I and the guest that a good price is every 1000 yuan,3 hours.I know your own worth ,after all is entered first ,body condition is good ,and man is the basic judge people by outward appearance .
I like the footpath ,than people are hurrying to and fro. The big road, to seek to stimulate a man, nature is more attractive .The roadside shop lady ,a charge is in one hundred or two hundred yuan ,low even 349yuan,they may be several times a day ,for migrant workers and people with low incomes,louboutin pas cher, and I was a few days ,is directed toward comparatively well-off level man .
They are to give priority to, I win .But I still to massage the work ,part-time occasionally, also be economy is not bounteous ,a self-help .There is no savior ,we can only rely on their own .
But we have no cost ,only can be counted as the capital ,is the youth .We exploit their grass ,foreign capital attraction ,to self-financing ,this and backer has mountain ,rely on water draft .
what I don his behavior ,should be subject to much criticism? Can make us uneasy ,but morality and conscience ,not law .Besides, the reality of life in the evil ,far more than we can imagine something deeper ,more than we mean and having no sense of shame ,there are plenty of people who .
Wu Jie Wu Fang came ,she is one year younger than I ,last year to Guangdong learn hairdressing salon ,where work ,this home .No shop in his hometown of Chongqing ,the capital ,business is bad to do, she came over to sister .
Wu Jiexian introduced Wu Fang to a hair salon ,there are paid by the Commission ,each customer to shampoo or hair ,according to the amount of consumption of four six into six ,the bosses ,hairdressers take into four, more pay for more work .
Now the beauty salon ,bloom everywhere, competition is intense, low price ,Wu Fang makes a month ,get money ,in 1500 yuan or so ,but every day she is closing ,not receiving monthly ,so ,every day dozens of yuan ,let her spend ,one month down ,the body only a few money .
Wu Fang lives in me and red room ,in addition to buy a bed ,Wu Jie is a person living .Xiao Hong and I know the reason ,Wu Jie sometimes take a man overnight ,she doesn want Wu Fang to know that .
Wu Fang is not made of wood ,she soon found the situation .Wu Fang sometimes to sea paradise play ,what ,Louboutin,know that what we do is heterosexual massage .She secretly asked me :you do this for the money ?A monthly income number ?She is Wu Jie ,I have no reason to lie to her ,said :pay and perks of around three thousand .
She exclaimed: Wow ,so many !I have to do !Wu Jieben didn let my sister do massage or dancer ,want to let her go to work really make money, but fail to beat Wu Fang ,just ask her to follow me ,at sea paradise sauna city to work .
Sea Paradise boss sun ,before he opened the city sauna ,and Wu Jie has a very deep relationship ,sea paradise several attendant ,Wu Jie brought from home ,or from other clubs to pull over .
Of course ,she the occupation intermediary ,will be expensive fee .2004 January,Wu Fang experienced and I like the one afternoon, Wu Jie in the price of 5000 yuan ,the sister of Wu Fang virginity ,gave a dry-goods merchant .
Wu Fang patron ,although silk market boss ,but culture is low ,more violent action ,causing her lacerations ,Wu Fang pain, grinning gnash the teeth in anger ,hate ,to not look at him to pay 5000 yuanon, told him desperately !Wu Fang looks not pretty, but her first prices are higher than me ,my heart is a little not .
Later ,from the general Zhang there, I only know that it is 8000 yuan ,Wu Jie exploit is 5000 yuan,I got up to 3000 yuan.Barrage a gap is opened ,water flow ,a get out of hand .Wu Fang is more than my bold and open ,she in the City Sauna massage room ,and the guests agree a price ,after work, she did not return home ,direct and guest to the room .
I tried to persuade her ,should not overdo sth. ,louboutin,not so frequent ,have harm to the body .Don Wu Fang said: have the opportunity to make money, why let go ?While young ,I would seize every minute and second to make money ,to the old no one !Wu Fang also bought VCD ,eat with appetite to see played three pieces ,said :it open to foreigners !Wu Fang massage skill ,I taught her ,itself, I don but some fur ,but I still keep a hand ,Xu Jie said that the massage heart I would not say .
No matter what I do ,all need some understanding, I think understanding can also ,can understand some of Xu Jie ideas ,Louboutin Pas Cher,but Wu Fang is different ,she is the massage as a money-making machine ,massage room and guest flirting ,so-called massage ,but is fumbling around .
Wu Fang ,is make a spurt of progress .In the crowd, most is to play ,they have come to the point Wu Fang ,glad too ,so ,massage into their excuse to pursue pleasure ,every time ,named Wu Fang ,fun .
As I like ,conscientiously give massages ,only for the part I the favorite guests .One time ,I in the bathroom when, discover that Wu Fang and a man inside, embarrassing me panic quickly back .
Disturb them, they don ,I was embarrassed .Nexuiz. Vivien really didn know where Bella is from the confidence ,but her usual swing man that share difficulty is quite fierce ,cease here ,she didn say much what, head going ,she in the clouds are only Bella a partner .
Vivien ,believe in love ,love in your heart what is ?Bella suddenly asked to . Love teenage fans mount sigh ,brain fleeting is the dream of the man that is hazy and soulful eyes !Yes, is this kind of feeling ,just a look in a word ,they can her heart with pain ,followed by cramps ,she can not distinguish reality :love can be careless with to give her everything ,even my life !Bella clearly gives Vivien a look ,can shaking his head :Vivien ,you is the pursuit of unrealistic pure love ,but in this world there is such a flawless ,just as each other love ?You are cool ,that saw a dead end !Bella eyes that share as good shining like ,listen to your sister Bella ,the man is so different ,Louboutin Pas Cher!Vivien you hope they sacrifice for you ,is a pure dream ,if you sacrifice for them, that an idiot ! Is ?I is that so? Brunette teen eyes confused ! Hey !Bella sighed ,and I want to take Vivien says ,you just do not know ,in fact Xiurui ti is good for you ,but you ?If the other girls are so sought after, I began preparations for a dowry .
Hey ,don go his way z ! Don me ,your prince will come !A push Bella ,Vivien laugh a little weak ,these regular daily flowers men very perseverance .But to tell the truth ,they do not have Lanpatuo Lanpatuo ,Bella cares about their pursuit ?Blonde beauty but not as Vivien think, she is the cloud is never withered rose ,regardless of where to are the focus ,her face that diplomatic courtesy smile ,raised his arm, and those of a man infatuated with expression .
Vivien had fallen in love with men, and IQ and EQ become zero . Sid prince ,we also go to the opera tonight ?A sweet voice suddenly incoming ears .Fee Wenning living spirit ,while Bella received flowers hand stop ! I never refuse the request of beauty ,not to mention like beauty .
But in reality there is a better offer ,they miss as to accompany me to walk a devil road ,I promise it will be they miss a lifetime experience !The devil path Shiyun are known as a haunted house ,man and woman ,usually is to let a woman gestures .
Vivien did not think of really ,Lanpatuo vulgar to this point ,used this method to pick up a girl ,people will be is the fool !But there is some fool ! Oh ,Sid Prince really is ,if have accompany Sid prince ,then Oh ,this world but fools and mad Bella hands full, are all the other men to send flowers, she gracefully walked to the front of Lanpatuo ,allure .
The handsome prince narrowed her eyes ,have to say ,this blonde and blonder than before Moxy Miss temptation much !The seduction of Miss moved her charming lips ,Moses Miss Beauty how so no taste ,this world what man can endure, but this horse and cow dung is not to ,he will make you a fishy !Hear such rude girl ,Miss wrinkled brow ,just want to refute ,but Bella fierce female never gave her a chance ,she raised the flowers will smack Lanpatuo head !For a time, the clouds in the corner of the campus ,flower ,beautiful !Vivien is dumbfounded ,those of Bella suitors dumbfounded !This cloud fairy grace where to go ?Lanpato was beaten only escape ,to tell the truth ,dare hit his face woman ,Vivien was the first ;and he finished in bed ,still want to hit his face ,Bella is the first person absolutely clear ;damn he had had ,do not hit the woman .
The bouquets of flowers finally be whipped to only the bare branches ,everyone has petrochemical ,can the parties did not feel anything, her faint smile, erotic swoon ,behind the Moxy to miss opening , ,flowers inserted in cow dung ,is this result ,the residual !Very good, very powerful, Vivien secretly gave Bella a 90branch!Bella .
Gray is now blooming, charming smile ,she is always cloud scenery line ,after Lanpatuo ,again Bobo hair ,depart gracefully ,outsiders only shook his head ,is worthy of miss Gray ,is
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